Carlos Leon

Meet Carlos Leon, LA based entrepreneur, owner of CML Studios, CML Records, and CML Productions.

Elias Zepeda

Elias Zepeda, serial entrepreneur, owner of First Class Marketing and

Christy Buena

Christy Buena, Editor-in-Chief and owner of Disarray Magazine. Fashion, Music, Food, Events and more.

ARKA Clothing

Meet the owners of ARKA Clothing and learn about their unique concept for a Men's Clothing Line.

Bobo Wince

Bobo Wince, serial entrepreneur, owner of Label King and founder of Unified People.

Risk Management for Entrepreneurs

Markus Biegel, Entrepreneur, Business, Risk Management
Copyright: Markus Biegel

Risk Management
“Things can and will go wrong. It is better to anticipate the problems than be slapped behind your head with them.” - Markus Biegel

5 Tips to Manage Risk for Entrepreneurs: 
  1. Assume that whatever you plan carries double the cost. Can you still afford it?
  2. Will you be able to complete the next phase without relying on external funding?
  3. Make sure to have a Plan B and C ready in case A does not work out.
  4. Get advice from others. The outside perspective can give great guidance.
  5. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. This ensures your survival.
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Startup Advice: Risk Management

Markus Biegel, Risk Management

Risk Management for Entrepreneurs
“When you have a team the amount of risk will not necessarily decrease but your chances of success significantly increase.” - Markus Biegel


Running a business is very time consuming. Having a team to delegate tasks to makes your day go easier.

Adding people to your business will increase its output potential.


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Startup Advice: Power Networking

Power Networking
“If you can’t tell me within two minutes why we should talk then we have nothing to talk about at all.” - Markus Biegel


When you meet someone new you need to quickly create the demand for a follow up conversation.

You need to practice explaining what you do in as few words as possible.


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Startup Advice: Personal Branding

Personal Branding, Markus Biegel, Business Advice

Personal Branding
“Developing a personal brand, and taking it serious, early in your career is the best thing you can possibly do.” - Markus Biegel


It’s a very competitive marketplace and you will need to go the extra mile to stand out.

Degrees don’t carry much weight anymore. For those lacking experience will have to get creative with branding themselves.


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Markus Biegel on Delaying Action


Management Practices
“Delaying action is a slippery slope. Once you start, you may hit delay on a whole bunch of things causing everything to slow or break down.” - Markus Biegel


A business cannot be afraid to take action. Action is the blood stream of the business.

There are times when delaying an action is the right decision but you don’t want this to become a behavior.


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Markus Biegel on Fearless Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur, Fearless, Markus Biegel,
Copyright: Markus Biegel

Fearless Entrepreneurship
“The conversation that you want to have takes 10 minutes but growing the courage to make that call takes 10 years for most people. Don’t be most people.” - Markus Biegel


In entrepreneurship you cannot be afraid to take action.

You have to approach new business development opportunities with a “I have nothing to lose” mindset.


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