Interview with Yehuda Granot

Born and raised in Israel, 1981, at the age of ten purchased my first PC after having to disassemble many old PC to try making them work. At the age of eleven started working in a computer shop and until the age of 17 I was the owner of a "limited" corp. for selling professional computers & hardware.

Joined the army about a year after, and developed and deployed software simulation for the Israeli Air-Force, F-16 Fighter Jet. After finishing my military service I went to the US and started 3D yourself a start-up company based in NY, for the visualization and improvement of the human body in diet programs. Afterwards, I have run a company for the development of various internet applications online, mainly Content Management Systems and Client Relationship Management.

Today, I am the founder and CEO of CakeManage a start-up company developing an online platform for small business management applications. We are about to deploy our solution at Q1 2011 and to open our US HQ in California.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

I always was like that and always thought that way, the decision was made for me by the circumstances of life. Started working at a computer shop at the age of eleven, and continued working in the industry since.

How did you know your business idea was the right idea?

I had a flash of the idea one day, I was captured by the idea and haven't stopped since…
The basic idea comes from the flash of thought I had, but it also took two years to combine the knowledge we had about the day to day needs of small businesses to make it into a product.

What was the most difficult part in getting started?

Getting started is the easy part, difficult times come when you need to face decisions or you need the decision of other people, in that times you must stick with your idea and your own power of will.

What is the top skill (or skills) needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Good communication with people, persistency and to work to be the leader type, there are a lot of attributes an entrepreneur must hold, for my opinion. Those qualities are needed by any person who wants to succeed.

What motivates you and/or keeps you motivated?

Faith, one must motivate himself. I often rely on outer things, such as object goals, deals milestone etc. but when it really comes to believing and get going, self-motivation, faith and belief are the only thing.

What do you think is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

People who choose to be entrepreneurs choose not to work for someone else, it's like a feeling of destiny and it's hard to fight it, when you fight it you pay the results, when you go with it (being an entrepreneur that is) you also pay the results, and you also sometimes get the benefits.

What has been one of your failures, and what have you learned from it?

I once quit on a venture. I learned not to quit easily, I think I have learned how to stop stopping.

Vince Lombardi once said “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” What are your thoughts on that quote?

He is absolutely right. The truth is people think in different ways, and many of them think in negative ways, they always look for a reason for something to win the failure, it’s a hard time showing them that but it is possible if you believe in it, make them believe in it too.

Michael Dell once said “There are a lot of things that go into creating success. I don't like to do just the things I like to do. I like to do things that cause the company to succeed. I don't spend a lot of time doing my favorite activities.” What are your thoughts on that quote?

I think he is right as well. Hard work is important, but hard work alone is not sure to bring riches, you also need to use your mind and to motivate other people on this task, only when you are thinking the right way you will do the right things that lead to success.

Henry Ford once said “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” What are your thoughts on that quote?

Every great way begins with a lot of trials, almost nothing works straight from the beginning and life always shows you how wrong you are at times you think you are more right then ever. Learning from mistakes is the sure way to get to your goal.

What was the most crucial thing you have done to grow your business?

Co-operation with others is the key. I guess my biggest step is coming, opportunity is something we sometimes get in life, and we need to learn how to spot and take advantage of it.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

Just start. Really that is, there is no BUT in entrepreneurship, remember, NOBODY can tell you if something will succeed or not, maybe yourself, entrepreneurship is believe, as life in, ONE.

Company Description:

CakeManage is a start-up developing online management solutions for small businesses, we have developed a cloud computing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of business applications to manage the marketing aspect, information management and communications of the small business.
We offer those services online some for free, and we give every business the ability to customize any application he would like to use. We are right now planning on deploying the platform to new devices that are arising on the market and we co-operate with Intel's Software.



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