Interview with Nuncia Ammirata

Nuncia Ammirata (Buenos Aires, Italo-argentina, 1975), I am Fashion Designer and I graduated from the University of Architecture, Design and Town Planning of Buenos Aires (1999).

In 2002 I decided to move to Italy. I actually live in Florence.
I’ve worked for 8 years on shoes & accessories design.
For 5 years I worked as fashion designer for footwear companies in the Italian district “Marche”, well known worldwide for his excellence in shoes production 'Made in Italy'.
In my last job I worked as a fashion designer for "Patrizia Pepe Firenze", where I was part of the design team in the accessories department, designing shoes, handbags, etc.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

I decided to change my working approach when I figured out the idea of experimenting other ways to offer my work and creativity.

There is a quotation by Emerson Fosdick, which I find very motivating: "Freedom is always dangerous, but it's the safest we've got".

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

To be able to be in touch with different companies, to meet more people and try to find different ways of dealing with your work. Every collection has its own life. Working on them is an exceptional mental exercise for me. It's great to know that new interesting projects may come out in the future. I hope to have my own collection brand one day in the future.

What was the most difficult part in getting started?

Search for the clients, get them to know me. The new “working time frame”, is just another factor that you have to get used too.

What is the top skill (or skills) needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

In my particular case, to be able to understand the necessary products for each brand I am working with, and to provide the company with the best choice. In general, the most important thing is to focus on an objective and never let it go, keeping open mindedness to the possibilities we have. It is very important to create opportunities and to get used to the risk.

What motivates you and/or keeps you motivated?

I think the main motivation still comes from the beauty of creation. I am always eager to know new things, I find great interest in general culture, which makes me grow. Images, words, smells and feelings.

What do you think is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work for someone else?

Personally, working as a regular employee in a company, among other things, made me understand that daily routine may make you hate what you like the most. To be independent, on the other hand, means to face risk, to be ready to new situations or create them; and thus, you find much more satisfaction in what you do. In this way, you offer yourself to the market, so to speak, and you find yourself open to new experiences all the time. Working and living go hand in hand to me, so being happy doing what you like is fundamental.

What has been one of your failures, and what have you learned from it?

I It could be not being able to administer my time wisely sometimes. I am very fussy about detail and I have no limits with my working hours. Anyway, I am still learning to maximize methods ...

Jack Welsh once said that "An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." What are your thoughts on that quote?

Yes, with the rhythms of the market, the faster you adapt to change the more easily you win, or I would say, the faster you predict this change.

Greg Norman once said that “Our success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand.” What are your thoughts on what quote?

I agree. It's an important part of success. A brand is a philosophy, a lifestyle; and so, the elements this brand is composed of must be coherent with the frame of mind that "originated" it.

Albert Einstein once said “I think that only daring speculation can lead us further and not accumulation of facts.” What are your thoughts on what quote?

It means that we can go further by being adventurous. we mustn't act passively accumulating unfinished things.

Excluding yours, what business or company do you admire?

I personally admire Brunello Cucinelli's company. He is a philosopher and created this humanistic company.
His motto is “To make work more humane, and to put the man in the center of the productive process”
“To give a company a sense that goes beyond mere profit, and to reinvest to improve the worker’s life, and to enhance and save the beautiful things in the world”.

What was the most crucial thing you have done to grow your business?

In my case, it was a growth to begin working as a fashion designer freelance, here in Italy. Actually I think that communication is for me an important point to improve trying to reach results.

I will be able to answer this question completely with the passing of time.

What advice would you give an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

We should trust ourselves, we should believe in our projects and be fully convinced of what we want. Determination, patience, timing, listening and watching are key elements. We should be ready to keep up with time. we should get used to risk. Make different experiences can surely help to know better the market.

Company Description:

Actually, since a few months, I work as Fashion Designer Freelance, collaborating in the shoes collections design for several companies.


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