A Vacation for You and Your Body - StartupWeekly

Naked, no light, no sound, all by yourself in an 8' X 4' coffin with ten inches of water so salty it feels like olive oil. Does that sound relaxing and even reinvigorating? Well is IS. Trust me, this Editor went to Portland, Oregon's Float On before ever knowing of Founders Graham Talley and Ashkahn Jahromi. The therapeutic value is impossible for me to describe, but the physical principle is very simple: Take away the struggle your body engages in constantly against gravity and your spine decompresses, your central nervous system gets a rest and your muscles relax completely. As Ashrak says, "Your 'Fight or Flight' system shuts off," and your brain waves go to the deepest of sleep modes. The after effects last for days.

But who has ever heard this? A lot more people have since these two discovered its benefits. As Graham states, "There were only a couple of tanks (the chamber in which you do your floating) in Portland. Now we're pretty much the floating capital of the world!" In spite of their success, the pair are quick to point out there were no models to copy when they jumped into the business. They had to experiment and learn quickly to survive. But their "Pay it Forward" attitude led them to a new business. As they helped other new owners set up their floating business, they began selling business plans and consulting, entering a solid B-to-B business.

They also learned and shared so much that they became recognized industry gurus. When the first ever Float Summit was held in London in 2010, 20 people attended. After Graham and Ashrack presented at the next Summit, they impressed the audience so much that they were asked to host the 2012 Summit in Portland, with 165 international business owners in attendance.

Graham and Ashkan were also involved with the founding of CAKE PDX (Consulting and Knowledge Exchange), a local collection of entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and resources.


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