Don't Let the Web Bugs Bite ~ Colby Aley of BugShark

Another teenage wonder, high schooler Colby Aley has developed BugShark, a tool for developers to use on small business websites to "ensure there are no bugs." The Portland, Oregon based company claims it's easier to test web-based products for usability issues and will be a boon to soloprenuers and small teams. The team began at Startup Weekend Portland, an organization which has been churning out some real success stories. However, the team quickly shrank, and it was Colby and one partner, an idea, a software platform but no developer. They chose to learn to code to finish the initial product themselves, or as Colby puts it, "I have been learning so as not to rely on others."

As many entrepreneurs do, Colby went to the local community for advice and mentorship and found plenty in Portland. He has been inspired by the "tiny startup method," testing small ideas quickly and inexpensively, rather than lots of time and money to build out something that may not fly.

Colby still has two more years of high school and admits he is somewhat of an aberration among his peers. His passion for business often puts him at home of Friday nights working on his business, rather than at ballgames or parties with his friends. But he doesn't mind, because he has the passion to walk his own path. "It's important to look to the future and set goals," he says with conviction. The world looks a lot brighter when you see this type of example in today's youth.


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