It's a Race We're Gonna Win ~ Ashton Root of Pixel Gigs

Every startup deals with the unknown: Will we get traction; will we get sales to cover our expenses before we run out of money? Regardless of the size of the business, the fundamentals are always the same, it's a race against the hourglass running out of sand. Ashton Root, co-founder and President of PixelGigs, Inc. has run the race before, as have his dad and his son. Now they're all doing it together again in an intriguing MLM (don't groan) business offering cloud-based software services to small business.

It's a very clever proposition for the sales person in the field. They simply give out trials to prospects who use the software in their business for a month for free. Then a PixelGigs account rep takes it from there. If the prospect becomes a customer, the sales person gets paid for as long as the customer subscribes. And if the person wants to recruit others, they receive override commissions in a very aggressive scale. There's no inventory in the garage, no deliveries; pretty doggone clean.

But even a serial entrepreneur family can hit snags. The company has raised $3 million so far and have just launched, but Ashton sees this as a "shoestring budget for what we are trying to build." He feels the pressure, "People are depending on ME!" he says, but his experience has taught him to focus on what's important. "Don't get tripped up by the obstacles that are in your way," he cautions, "the most important ones do float to the top...don't get caught up in the minutia of the problems, all that matters is what's going on right now, from the customer's point of view." This is how he runs the race to "jump the abyss" before the company runs out of resources. And it's a race he's gonna win.


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