Marc Eckō on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form

The fashion pioneer talks about bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and creativity.

In this Thought Leaders video series, we take a look at where today's game changers find inspiration.

Marc Eckō is the founder of fashion lifestyle brand Eckō Unltd and Complex Media. From painting t-shirts in his parents' garage to dropping out of pharmacy school to start his business, Eckō has created his own path to entrepreneurship. Now, his venture capital fund Artists & Instigators is helping new entrepreneurs find their own way. Eckō says despite his success, his route to inspiration remains the same as it was when he was just starting out more than two decades ago. He says he finds ideas during quiet moments doing everyday things like working out or taking a walk at his home in New Jersey. Through Artists & Instigators, Eckō says he hopes to build his own brand of entrepreneurship, democratizing the process of starting a company and integrating the creative class and the business class.


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