What it Takes to Build a YouTube Following

Every minute, around 72 hours of new content is uploaded to Youtube, according to Kathleen Grace who runs YouTube Space LA, a Los Angeles-based production facility designed to give YouTube creators a physical space in which to collaborate and produce video content. Breaking through all that noise is a challenge for entrepreneurs, which is why it's critical to decide who your audience is and why people would share your videos from the start.

Grace and Liam Collins, the space's director, discuss the importance of collaboration in helping to build a Youtube following and develop new ideas. Their facility not only provides Youtube creators with studio space, it also hosts events and workshops including labs on key verticals like comedy and beauty.

What does it take to start a successful Youtube channel? From the importance of authenticity to not being too precious about your early content to being willing to "fail fast," Grace and Collins discuss the most important factors to keep in mind.


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